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"An utterly fabulous read. The 2nd book in the promises series and still an emotional rollercoaster just like promises hurt (book 1). I absolutely loved it. Storyline is hard hitting but tastefully done. Chemistry just flows between the 2 main leads. I didn't want the book to end. Constant page turner, I just could not put it down. Many twist and turns that keep you guessing. I will totally be recommending this book to everyone"

—Book Pimpers Blog 




Saying “I Promise” is the easiest thing to do, its just two tiny words. No one warned me of the weight they hold, that they not only have the power to make something, to give hope, or show devotion. They can destroy everything, cause so much hurt, ruin lives. 


Every promise holds a toll, if I had known what mine would cost me, I would have walked away. Now I have to pay the price, watch the consequences of my actions unfold. Witnessing someone I love crumble after breaking my oath isn’t the hardest thing I’ve endured, it's being forgotten by the one person that I could never forget.