Keeping your MIND healthy through lockdown

Let's get honest and initiate some REAL TALK for a second. Lockdown is hard and pretending like it isn't doesn't help anybody, especially not yourself. It's okay to admit you're struggling. I know I am. I've become my children's homeschool teacher and if I'm honest, most days it gets to 3pm and I'm reaching for a wine glass. Who knew your own kids could ask seventy-four-billion questions in one lesson?!

I used to laugh and joke that I was an introvert and didn't like people. I'd be happy isolated on my own with a good book and a laptop. Guess what lockdown has taught me. I was SO WRONG! Yes, I might like my own company from time-to-time but man do I miss social interaction. Shock horror. And, it's mainly just the small things, the idle chat you have standing in line while a barista is making your coffee at the local Starbucks. The five minute natter with the other moms on the school run. You know the stuff.

Below, Dr Radha Modgil from BBC Radio 1’s Life Hacks shares her top five tips on how to stay mentally and emotionally well during the coronavirus lockdown. Sticking to a routine, making sure we take care of ourselves, and using our creativity in new ways are all ways she suggests we can ease the psychological toll that staying inside is having on us.

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